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International Conference on Beauty, Charm, and Hyperons in Hadronic Interactions (BEACH)


The twelveth edition of the International Conference on Beauty, Charm, and Hyperons in Hadronic Interactions (BEACH 2016) will take place 12 - 18 June 2016, on the Fairfax campus of George Mason University (GMU), in Northern Virginia. The biennial conference provides theorists and experimentalists an opportunity to review and discuss a broad range of topics in flavor physics. Typically, more than 100 physicists attend. Special effort is made to attract younger scientists, particularly those from developing countries and other underrepresented groups.

Topics (Among Others)

Topics typically covered during the week-long, plenary sessions-only conference include:


The Standard Model is now both complete and insufficient. Its limitations and extensions will be made manifest by probing nature at ever shorter distance scales in two complementary ways: higher energies and higher precision. By periodically assembling a broad range of theorists and experimentalists exploring the forefront of both energy and precision thresholds in a collaborative environment, the BEACH series uniquely considers future opportunities in flavor physics in the context of the most recent results. The structure of BEACH conferences fosters the dissemination of new results and ideas as well as the formation and strengthening of scientific collaboration. All BEACH conference sessions are plenary, which place all presenters on the same footing and mix experiment and theory. BEACH conferences traditionally support young and underrepresented scientists, as well as those from emerging economies, and rapidly publish proceedings.

Previous Editions

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